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Chief Tecumseh


The great chief was born on the 8th of March 1768. As a rising young Shawnee Chief, he campaigned vigorously to rebuild the old Indian Confederation in order to resist further incursion by the white man.

For years he eschewed the comforts of his home lodge to travel North America in his efforts to meld a strong Indian Alliance in order to bring the American Government to the negotiating table. There were a series of conferences, but the white man eventually lost the confidence and trust of the Indian when he continued to break his promises.

When all talks broke down, Tecumseh led numerous campaigns against the Americans as an ally of the British in the War of 1812. He proved to be an able general and won many battles until he was killed in the Battle of the Thames, in what was then called Upper Canada. He died on the 5th of October 1813.

The shot was reputedly fired by Col. Richard Mentor Johnson of the Kentucky Mounted Rifles. It was this dubious claim to fame which helped to springboard his election to the Vice Presidency in 1837.

Some of Tecumseh's braves recovered his body and legend has it that it was buried on or near the battlefield.

There are some who believe that it was later moved to another location, possibly in Ohio. The exact location is a closely guarded secret among Tecumseh's Shawnee descendants.

Two other rumored locations for the grave are Saint Anne's Island, which is located in the Saint Claire River at the head of Lake Saint Clair, and Walpole Island, also on Lake Saint Clair.

Reserve, Walpole Island, Ontario, Canada

For pictures of the cenotaph go here.

With some help, Tecumseh was able to educate himself.

In order for us to gain an understanding of the essence of this man, we should read the message he spread throughout the tribes during his quest for an Indian alliance...

...his eloquence

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