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Alright, this is simple, just follow the directions.

I'm going to get straight to the point. I've found the best way to multiply your success on the internet, and it's completely FREE!

Any good product or service needs massive exposure in order to make a profit. This simple system will help to ensure that new online entrepreneurs get a cut of the action.

This is free viral marketing at its best.

OK, here it goes:

First, go to these two links and sign up:

1) Mega Spinner

2) Soft Influence

Now, I'll tell you what happens next.

The first link is a traffic generating self-replicating web page. It's 100% free and it's very simple to sign up. You automatically get a free site, and then when you add your website's banner, it will stay on the same page for (4) levels down.

(It's all explained in detail at their site.)

The second link is a free mailing list builder.

It's also very simple to sign up. You sign in your email and they give you a free site and a form for other people to sign up under you.

(There are more details at their site.)

Now, do you see where this is going?

All you have to do is save this letter on your computer. Then change the links you'll find below to the ones you'll receive once you've signed up.

(Personalize it a little.)

Now you can send this letter to as many people as legally possible. (REMEMBER - NO SPAMMING)

What will happen is that the first link (1) will be replicated on four levels and the second link (2) will be replicated on five levels.


For example, let's say (20) people sign up under you and another (20) people sign up under the first group, and another (20) under that group.

That's a cumulative total of 8000 people! 20 x 20 x 20 = 8000!

That's your banner on 8000 sites, and 8000 people you can email with your offers. (100% legally)

This system is fool proof. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You have nothing to lose except about (15) minutes of your time that it takes to set it up. Start now and begin multiplying your success!

Sign up now!



Don't forget to delete my personal I.D. {stoney} and add your own personal I.D. on the first link. On the second, you'll receive an I.D. number which you'll place just behind {?id=*****}


Be sure to included these riders when sending out your e-mails:

"If you're receiving this, then it is likely because you posted on my FFA Links in the past. To stop further updates of FREE ways of making money reply with REMOVE in the subject line. Thanks and good luck!"

"Under Bill s.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th US Congress this letter cannot be considered spam as long as the sender includes contact information & a method of "removal". To be removed from future mailings just reply with REMOVE in the subject line."

Good Luck!


P.P.S.(These are newbie directions)

I suppose the easiest way to save this letter is to place your mouse curser to the right of the first line,"Alright, this is simple..." and depress your left button and drag your curser to the right, and down the page until you get to the spacebar.

All of the green area is now highlighted. Now place your curser on "File" and run it down to "Copy" and click on it.

The letter is now on your clipboard.

Place your curser on "Start" located at the lower left hand side of your screen on your toolbar.

Go to"Programes>Accessories>Notepad."

In Notepad at the top of your screen, open up "Edit>Paste".

Now all you have to do is "Save" it and name it. The dialogue box will open up when you attempt to close Notepad. Call it The Viral Marketing Letter or whatever, but remember what you name it. ;-)

When you first see it in notepad, it'll look like it didn't work. You have to remember that notepad is a very elmental text editor and will not automatically format your text.

Place your curser on the bar at the bottom of the editor's screen and drag it back to the left. Now move the bar located to the right of the screen up. This puts you at the beginning of the letter. Now it's simply a matter of formatting the text to the viewable screen. Takes about a minute to do. Add your salutation at the top of the letter, and make any personalized changes you want and place your signature block at the bottom and Bob's yer Uncle! You're ready to send it out.

Now, just paste the letter into an autoresponder or send it out as an E-Mail. That's all there is to it! Once again, Good Luck in your recruiting efforts for this excellent marketing system!

Hey! Don't forget this one, eh?
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